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Community Garden FAQ’s

How to get a raised bed in the community garden?

You can download and print the application here You can bring the completed and signed application and waiver to the Pantry. We will review the application and get back to you within a few days if any plots are available and require payment at that time. Plots are assigned on a first come first served basis as they are received.

What are the hours?

The garden is open from sunrise to sunset during the growing season [May 21st- Oct 31st] with the exception of Thursday and Saturday when the garden will open at 12:30p.m. to accommodate parking for pantry guests.

Do I have to live in Wareham to get a raised bed?

Yes. Our 2024 season is a pilot program and we have limited the applications to Wareham residents only. Our plan is to open up access to more communities for the 2025 season. 

Does it cost anything?

Yes, we charge $25 for a 5×10 plot. You will need to provide your own seeds, fertilizer and soil / compost additives.

Are seeds and plants available

Seeds and plants are not provided, although we usually have some items available for planting.

What if I don’t know how to garden?

Every gardener will be assigned a garden ambassador when you receive your plot assignment.  The garden ambassador will act as your point of contact and provide garden advice if you need help. 

What can I plant?

We suggest non-invasive annual plants, such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, etc.

We are developing some plant plans to help with seed selection and placement. We will also be having workshops on different subjects to get you started.

What happens if my plans change and I cannot use my plot?

If you find you cannot use your plot before June 1st, please let us know and we will re-assign your plot and refund your deposit. 

What do I do with weeds and plant by-product?

Currently we don’t have a compost pile so you will need to take home and dispose of your plant by-products. We are working on a program and service to deal with compost so stay tuned. We will post the program and how it will work here, once it is secured.

How big are the beds?

Each raised bed is 5ft x 10ft, sized as a family plot. 

Our garden beds are bottom filled with sand for proper drainage and topped with raised bed soil.

Will there be a shed for tools?

We will have a shed with a combination lock on site where gardeners can find communal tools such as shovels and wheelbarrows to support the garden grounds. These are the only tools that are allowed to stay in the shed. Any personal tools to tend your garden should be taken home with you and not stored in the shed.

How do I water my plants?

The community garden will have several water faucets with hoses placed around the garden area for use to water your plants. 

What happens if I do not take care of my garden?

Gardeners who do not adhere to our guidelines will be notified in person, by text or email of the problem and in some circumstances given two weeks to address the issue. If the issue is not resolved then the garden staff will make a determination to relocate the plot to a new gardener.

Can I assign my raised bed to someone else.

No, your garden is non-transferrable

How do I get gate access

After you are approved and get a plot assignment you will get an access code for the gate

What happens if I am temporarily unable to care for my garden or go on vacation?

We suggest that you contact a fellow gardener, friend or family member to care for your garden temporarily and advise your garden ambassador in advance. If a bed does not show evidence of active gardening, the raised bed may be reassigned and registration fees forfeited. Abandoned raised beds beyond 1 month will be reassigned. 

How do I renew my plot?

Gardeners in good standing may renew their plot by submitting a completed registration form for the next season. Plots are assigned on a first come first served basis after renewals.

Where can I find the guidelines?

Our guidelines are published online and updated online. It is important to understand that our guidelines and FAQ’s are a work in progress and as we build out our garden program, the guidelines may be tweaked to better fit our vision. It is up to the gardener to check the website often and stay current with any changes that are made to the guidelines. 

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