Our Volunteers

2022 Food Angels

We truly could not feed over 21,000 people a year without the AMAZING help of these marvelous people. There really are angels here on earth!!

Jim Ayers

Joshua Bartlett

Denise Cahill

Father Columban Crotty

Cynthia Curry

Allen Days

Sarah Decas

Mike Fisher

Kathleen Finnerty-Schroth

Sheryl Fredette

Kiyomi Grondin

Tommy Grondin

Jenna Hanson

Bonnie Hartley

Ava Johnson

John Kelligrew

Roseanne Langan

Paul LeBeau

Manara Marzuq

Karen McHugh

Rick Moulton

Gayle Phaneuf

Steve Reale

Scott Robertson

Mike Russo

Scott Schaffer

Sharon Shustack

Gary Sousa

Kris Stoltenberg

Ed Sylvester

Patrick Tierney

Fred Voit

Various Students from Old Rochester Regional High School

Various Students from Wareham High School


Peter Barrows

Zoraida Bohn

Linda Calise

Danielle Coffin

Rosanne Crowley

Michael Daniels

Nick Debacher

Caty Duncan

Vanessa Everett

Carrie Foster

Howard Gilmore

Lee Grondin

Michele Hanson

RoseMary Haseltine

Dana Johnson

Nancy Kirk

David Langlais

Dave McBride

Andy Mendes

Michael Mulvey

Jennifer Polito

Kathleen Navin

Aiden Robert

Charlie Roderick

Michelle Russo

Kathy Schroth

Anita Rigassio-Smith

Matt Stanton

Susan Sullivan

Niko Tarini

Cynthia Thomas

Janet Van Riper

Juliette Wang-Coombs

Ellen Bartlett

Kathy Browne

Danny Confar

Patricia Cunning

Jacob Davis

Nick Decas

Martha Fisher

S. Warren Ferguson, II

Phil Foster

Mary Gormley

Leo Grondin

Scott Hanson

Dave Hoff

Kathleen Johnson

Pauline Lally

Jill Lapsley

Beth Martin

Conor McGillicuddy

Nancy Moore

Janet O’Neill

Michelle Powers

Anne Robertson

Mary Grace Russo

Jeff Schaefer

Dave Schutt

Todd Smith

Judith Stoltenberg

Rebecca Suprenant

Paul Thomas

Linda Vivino