Meet Kathy Browne

Kathy Browne - Volunteer Coordinator at Damien's Place in East Wareham

If you have called lately to volunteer, it is likely the first person you spoke with is our new volunteer coordinator – Kathy Browne! Kathy took over the position in December and has been doing a terrific job of keeping us well staffed. She has been a volunteer at the pantry for 5 years and really enjoys her time there. Kathy is mom to 2 grown boys and one 4-legged little girl named Avie. Kathy is such a great doggie mom that she makes most of Avie’s meals herself – no canned food for this little lucky lady! 

When Kathy isn’t cooking up a storm for Avie, she enjoys spending her time in nature, hiking and walking. She enjoys meeting new people and also loves to garden. She has both flower beds and a veggie garden. Kathy says she would have no interest living somewhere that didn’t offer all 4 seasons! She is one of the few people that I know that likes winter snow! I’ve known Kathy for a few years now and she has a love for all living creatures and is a very gentle, loving person who cherishes her family and friends, and of course, Avie, above all else!