What’s New at the Pantry

Lots of things are changing at the pantry and we hope these changes will be seen as positive change for the better! You might have noticed the trailer at the bottom of the ramp if you volunteered lately, well that’ll be there for about 6 months to make the intake process more streamlined and frankly, more comfortable. The winter weather was playing havoc with our tent and all the electronics were getting soaked. This allows us to serve the clients in a more professional setting.

We will be getting lanyards and name tags for our volunteers when COVID has passed but for now be sure to make yourself a name tag so that we can all get to know each other. We are also getting tee shirts made so please see Jackie to give her your size the next time you are volunteering. We will have long sleeve ones for the winter and short sleeve ones for the summer. Please be sure to start to wear them when they come in.

Lastly, we have changed the cards we issue to the clients. We no longer have yellow cards. We have green cards for 4 or less in a household and they can come every 2 weeks. We have orange cards for families of 5 or more and they can come to the pantry every week. We think this will get more food out to the larger families who were limited before. Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding changes to come in the near future!